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Below you will find the journal articles assigned for ED422.  Unless noted, the assigned article is required and must be formatted properly (see Cougar Courses or Ed422 website for detailed instructions).  The journal article assignment is broken up into two separate assignments for grading.  There will be a journal article 1-5 as well as a journal article 6-10 in Cougar Courses or Edmodo.  Journals 5 & 10 are extra credit.

Journal 1:  List 100 things that make you happy.  As with every journal, the title of the post is the word 'Journal' followed by the number of the assigned journal.  In this case:  Journal 1.  The content of the post will be a numerical list of 100 things that make you happy.  Ensure that you number the list.  While this may seem a bit silly, I think you might want to refer to the list later in the class when you are feeling overwhelmed with the work. . .If you are feeling ambitious, you may add pictures as well.

Journal 2: For the summer, I will count the School 2.0 Reflection assignment as journal 2.  Follow the instructions for the School 2.0 assignment, but for the title of the post, use Journal 2 followed by School 2.0 Reflection (ensure you read the assignment instructions thoroughly).

Journal 3: "Upside Down, and Inside Out: Flip Your Classroom to Improve Student Learning," by Kathleen Fulton from Learning and Leading with Technology, June/July 2012.

Journal 4:"Join the Flock," by Hadley Ferguson & "Enhance Your Twitter Experience," by Shannon McClintock Miller fromLearning and Leading with Technology, June/July 2010. (ensure you cite both articles in your post.  Each article can contain one question w/Answer).

Journal 5: (Extra Credit) - Choose an article from a current or past issue of L&L

Journal 6: "Ten Reasons to Get Rid of Homework (and Five Alternatives), " by John T. Spencer, Education Rethink. (Note:  cite this as a website).  Instead of the two questions you could come up with your own list of 5 alternatives to homework or 5 reasons we need homework with defense)

Journal 7: My PLN - this journal entry will be your PLN assignment.  See instructions on the Ed422 Assignments website.

Journal 8:  Adaptive Technology The instructions are also on the Ed422 Assignments website.

Journal 9: "First Graders with iPads?" by Sarah Getting & Karin Swainy from Learning and Leading with Technology, August 2012.

Journal 10:  (extra credit) pick an article from the  an issue of L&L

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